March 13, 2008


Yes people! I am attempting my first giveaway here on The Wickedy Wack. There will be prizes at the end so tell your friends and family because everyone can play. Here are the rules!

1. The game will start exactly NOW!! It will continue for six weeks!

2. My boss here at work loves the art of taxidermy and has several trophies on the walls here at my place of work. It will be somewhat the same type of game Lindsey at the Daily Knack did at Christmas time and gave away that sweet scarf that now belongs to Erin. Only this time it is with dead stuff on walls. I will post a small picture of the dead thing and you have a week to guess what it is or until the next dead thing is posted. I will post the next dead item between Thurs and Sat (it will keep you guessing).

3. I will tally and keep track of all the guesses that you have right. You can only guess once so take your time -you have a week. I am going to try and make it tricky!! HA HA!

4. There will be prizes and I have gathered some sponsors who will be donating items as prizes. If you win you will be able to chose one of the following prizes.

Prize #1

This game is sponsored by none other than "Mom #1" and her company "Peacock Chic"! The top winner can choose one of the following prizes. I was going to apologise to the men for not having any manly prizes but I am not going to so gut up, if you don't have a wife or significant other then you have a mother. Everyone has someone to play for! (Peacock Chic makes all their jewelry with fine gemstones and real crystal and silver - est. retail value: $20 per pair)

Prize #2

It is also sponsored by TAGYOUAREIT on Etsy! Hand crafted by Erin and made with love. You can choose anything on the site up to $15 or Erin can customize one with the colors that you like with a matching burp rag. (again to the men "GET OVER IT"! I may do this again so if you know someone who would like to sponsor the next "Name That Dead Thing" game they are welcome to with some manly gifts. Like a rambo knife or cabellas gift card. For now we would like to thank Peacock Chic and TagYouAreIt for sponsoring this one. Thanks

Here is Dead Thing #1....GO!


Linds said...

YES!!! {thanks for the plug.} I love contests. Even though I'm sure not going to win this one. {I really want those green earrings, and would love an Erin original!}

I think that is a snake... but it probably isn't!

Spammon said...

Although these prizes won't benefit me much, I'm going to guess a fish. I'll even go with a Wide Mouth Bass for extra credit.

Can I suggest that if a man wins we get to pick one of those dead things for a prize?

jason said...

It has been suggested that if a man wins could they pick one of the dead things for a prize! Considering that these dead items are on display here at the office I am guessing that this is not possible. There are plenty of dead things here to do the game again so if I can get some manly sponsors (I will see what I can do) with manly prizes then we will do the game again! For now all you men are just going to have to play for d'wife or mommy!

Spammon said...

It's a pheasant or a duck.

Erin said...

I am guessing beaver! I win! I win! However, I would like something else as a prize...

Anonymous said...

I am thinking it is a snake. It looks like dry scaly skin to me. Your sis denise. :)

jen said...

I think it is a rattle snake!!

Shauna Belknap said...

I'm guessing a snake. (And I hope Spammon wins the prize because I want to see a picture of him in a pair of earrings).

ELLEN G. said...

Ellen G.
My guess is a lizard and I'm glad it is in your office and not mine.